We had 3 decks fixed by Deckpro in our condo building. These 3 decks were only 3 years old, first rebuilt by a generic, well-known contracting company that didn’t specialize in decks. The difference in skill and service between them and Deckpro was unbelievable.

The first time around, I was under the impression any additional work required for proper decks would be discussed with me, but the first contractor basically just put new vinyl on the decks without much consideration for the structure. They failed to properly dry the wood and as a result, sealed in the moisture. There were leaks inside the building. The decks were poorly sloped or had pools which got worse and worse over the 3 years. They bolted the vinyl siding back in place, penetrating the siding, instead of using the proper technique to attach it.

In comes Deckpro and they completely gutted everything, found the root cause of the issues and proceeded to complete the job immaculately. Always polite and considerate, each individual I dealt with was a true professional. The last day on the job was a sunny day and the guys seemed like they were having a lot of fun finishing the project. They really worked well as a team. I barely had to do any scheduling with the affected units – Deckpro did all the work.

As the job proceeded, Deck Pro uncovered quite a bit of additional rot and the scope of the work suddenly changed. They were open to discussing solutions that were most cost-effective for us (such as replacing the wall with a railing, seen in the attached photo). I received the updated estimate within hours.

One would think we paid considerably more for the work than with the previous company, but even despite the additional rot work, proper leveling, fixing the previously poorly installed vinyl siding, Deckpro cost only 10% more per deck. That’s a bargain for 100x better work. I will be sure to hire them again in the future to fix our remaining decks.