We scuttled off to Summerland to camp for the September long weekend and discovered a wonderful camping spot at Okanagan Lake North Provincial Park.  We had a waterfront spot (which always adds a bit to the camping experience) and was quite impressed with the space between sites, large amount of trees, and some of the cleanest bathrooms and showers I’ve come across – no outhouses (woo hoo!)  From there we toured the wineries in Naramata – a mini Napa Valley.  Highlights were Lake Breeze (picturesque patio that is open for lunch) and Red Rooster (great wine and very cute.)  We also did an al fresco dinner at God’s Mountain (http://www.godsmountain.com/dinnerspecials.php.)  What a treat that was!!  The food, wine, atmosphere and company were exceptional.  Dana, one of the chef’s, passionately introduced each course with a real down to earth style and the vintners from La Stella gave us some history of the vino and vineyard and then sat down and dined with us (see posted pic of the communal table.) A MUST for any foodie visiting the Okanagan!

The dining experience at God’s Mountain – RIGHT on Okanagan Lake – reminded me of a deck we did in Deep Cove where the deck actually jutted out onto the water.  It was magical.  Aw, to live by the water…. one day, I hope.  Anyway, back to the deck reno – we removed the rotted wood, installed new scupper drains, rebuilt the deck edge, re-sheeted the wood deck and installed vinyl membrane and fascia mount glass railings.  Wowzah.  That’s all I gotta’ say.  Oh, if you wanna see some pic’s of this project, take a look at Our Work page.