High Quality Vinyl Decking Membrane

DECK PROS uses only the highest quality vinyl decking membrane.  The 60 mil vinyl comes with an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years and is a fully approved roofing surface.  This vinyl decking membrane is manufactured with a slip resistant embossing to ensure your deck is safe in all types of weather.  All vinyl edges are meticulously heat welded together to create a completely waterproofed seal.  This vinyl will not crack, warp or fade in Vancouver’s drastic and ever changing climate. This roof seal vinyl membrane, including the glue and P.V.C. coated flashing, are made in Canada.

Do you want a 100% waterproofed deck throughout all our rainy weather?
Are you worried about water getting into the space below your deck?
Do you have soft spots on your deck right now?
Is your deck fading and unsightly?

Here are the colors we offer – ask us for samples when we come to give you a free estimate!