Everyone wants to save some money right?  So we thought we’d put together a few tips or ‘Do It Yourself’ projects that can help you save money on your deck renovation.

DIY Project #1: Water Damaged Deck or Rotted Deck

If you have soft spots on your deck, water is getting in somewhere and rotting the wood.  You don’t want to leave this for too long because this water damage will spread and the cost of your renovation will spread higher with it. 

First thing you want to do, is locate where the water is leaking.  If you can’t start repairing it right then, try to cover it as best you can to prevent more water damage.  A good time to spot where the leak is, is during a heavy rainfall.  Now that you have neutralized the source, contact us for a free consult as to what further steps you can do yourself to save money before the professionals come in to waterproof your deck.  When we come out to assess your deck renovation, we will give you several options ranging from completing the whole project from start to finish ourselves or budget saving tasks that you can complete before we start.